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Large Home School Diploma Printing (With Padded Holder)



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    NOTE:We recommend scrolling down to read the description and to view all of the images on this web page prior to completing the order form below. Details may be more intuitive. If you have questions, drop us a line at 262-247-0343 or via chat.

STEP 1. Shipping & Cover Color (Required)

  • Shipping & Handling *

    As our gift to you, we offer complementary S&H for individual home school orders within the United States - a $10-15 value!

  • Choose a Diploma Holder Color *

STEP 2. Text on Diploma Holder (Option)

  • Would you like to add text to the diploma holder ($7.99-20.49)? *

  • Diploma Holder Imprint: *

    Add an attractive metallic foiled imprint to your home school diploma cover. Every letter is entered into the typeset foil press by hand - one-at-a-time.

  • Graduate's Name: *

    Enter the graduate's first and last name as it should appear on the bottom right corner of the diploma cover. There is not enough room for middle names here. That will be added on the actual diploma as desired.

  • Custom Text: *

    Enter your custom line of text that should be imprinted.Min: 3 charactersMax: 32 characters

STEP 3. Diploma Holder Moiré Panel Image (OPTIONAL $9.49)

We offer an option to add a printed sketch or image to the inside white fabric panel of the diploma cover. This is the panel that is opposite the diploma.

  • Would you like to add a stock image inside of the diploma cover ($9.49)? *

  • Interior Moiré Stock Image Options *

STEP 4. Brushed Gold Logo Plate (OPTIONAL $4.99)

The brushed gold 1 1/2 inch square logo plate creates a unique, personalized, three dimensional look on the front of the diploma cover. The gold plate has a permanent adhesive backing to attach it to the diploma cover.

  • Diploma Gold Plates

    Would you like to add a gold plate to the diploma cover? *

  • Select One *


  • Select a Diploma Paper Style: *

    We use pigment based inks on all of our card stock home school diploma paper. (NOTE: If no paper is selected, white is the default.)

STEP 6. Personalize the Diploma (Required)

  • What font combination would you like for your diploma? *

    Select the font combination that looks most appealing. (NOTE: If you do not choose one, Time Honored is the default font set.)

  • Do you have a name for your homeschool? *

  • What would you like to use instead of a school name? *

    This text will replace the large school name at the top of the diploma.

  • I would like to replace the school name with: *

    Max: 50 characters

  • Enter the school name: *

    The school name will appear on the top of the diploma in fancy arched lettering and within the first paragraph of text.Max: 50 characters

  • How should we print the large arched school name? *

  • Graduate's Name: *

    Spell out the graduate's name EXACTLY as it should appear on the diploma.

  • What type of diploma is this? *

    The text selected here will be printed in large lettering in the center of the diploma.

  • City & State: *

    Should the city and state of graduation be printed on the diploma?

  • What is the city and state of graduation? *

  • What is the date of graduation? *

  • Signature Lines: *

    How many signature lines should appear at the bottom of the diploma?

  • Should we add a motto or Scripture passage to the diploma? *

    There is no charge for this service.

  • Scripture Passage or Motto: *

    Type the text that you would like at the bottom of the diploma sheet, under the signature lines. Enter this EXACTLY as it should appear - proper capitalization, spelling, etc.

Step 7. Choose a Seal (Required)

If there are two signature lines, the seal will appear at the lower center of the diploma. If there is one signature line, the seal will be affixed to the lower right side of the diploma.

  • Choose a seal: *

    Add the finishing touch with an embossed sticker, a metallic foiled or a raised ink printed seal.

  • Select a foil color for the seal. *

Step 8. Raised Ink Honors Logos (OPTIONAL $6.49)

  • Would you like to add a raised ink ribbon? *

    These printed, raised ink ribbons include Honors, High Honors, Valedictorian and Salutatorian to acknowledge student achievements.

  • Raised Ink Ribbon Selections *

    The ribbon is printed on the left side of the diploma sheet above the signature lie, but below the main body text.

STEP 9. Comments (Option)

  • Please enter additional details here: *

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Home School Diploma PrintingFree Diploma Shipping

Home School Diploma Holder

Every home school diploma printing order includes a padded cover with a classy stitched edge.

  • White, moiré material with white silk corners on the inside
  • Clear, acetate diploma protector
  • Measures 9″ x 11.5″ when closed
  • Navy blue, red, black, maroon, and forest green.

Brushed Gold Plate (optional)

Exclusive to Graduation Ink, for just $4.99, you can add this beautiful 1.5″ x 1.5″ brushed gold plate to the home school diploma cover.

Home School Certificate Imprint


Metallic Foil Imprint on Diploma Holders (optional)

Gold or silver foil imprinting can be included on the home school diploma cover.

Diploma Foiled Covers Diploma Foiled Covers


Moiré Fabric Panel Printing (optional)

There are two interior panels inside of the diploma holder.  The lower panel holds the diploma sheet in place with four silk ribbons and a clear sheet protector.  The upper panel is a white fabric material called moiré.  We have the ability to print a beautiful picture on this panel using state-of-the-art UV inks on a flat bed printer.  (We only offer stock pictures at this time.)

About Home School Diploma Printing

  • Paper for home school diploma printing is available in rich gold parchment, smooth white, smooth cream or a contemporary flecked cream “cottonwood” card stock. Metallic foil for the fancy school name is an option.
  • Our print shop utilizes brilliant pigment inks on all homeschool diploma sheets so they will last a lifetime.
  • We offer multiple embossed foil seal stickers and seals that are positioned in the lower, center of the diploma (if there is only one signature line requested, we may position the seal on the lower right).
  • Raised ink ribbons are available to recognize your son or daughter’s achievement of Honors, High Honors, Valedictorian or Salutatorian.

The high school diploma pictured below uses the “Time-Honored” font set. The lines at the bottom are for signatures. There are dozens of options available during the ordering process so that you can create a truly memorable experience .

Home School Diploma Printing

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × .5 in
Common Uses

High School, Home School

Available Options

1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Gold Plate with Logo, Printing on Interior Moiré Panel

Diploma Size

8.5" x 11"

Diploma Style

Series 850

Hinge Type

Tent Style – Hinge on Top


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